Heat Up Your Devices With The New Version Of Clash Of Clan

One of the most popular games from the hands of Supercell is the Clash of Clans and it is estimated that more than 100 million people have this on their devices. It has become an infection and it attracts people like a forest fire. The number of players is increasing everyday jamming the network connections. So the designers and owners of this game are actually extending and expanding the network bandwidth higher and bigger to accommodate all the interested players.

There is a new version that has come up from the same hands and for having this on your devices you need to just make slight changes on your device, be it a smart phone, an android or even your desktops and laptops. You might ask as to why you should use this new version when the old one is good and self-sufficient. The answer for this is that here, in this new version you get the opportunity to grab unlimited gems and coins without paying anything from your personal account which is not the case in the old version. Agree and accept? Yes, this serveur privé Clash of clan android is devised and designed mainly to help the players use unlimited gems and coins.

Who would say a no to extras and here it is through these private servers for this game. This is a very simple process and below is the description of how to get it on your Android device.

  • Download the clash of clans private server app
  • Once downloaded, install the same
  • Then open the app and opt for downloading the modded package
  • Now it would ask your permission for root changes. Enable it.
  • Now it would show you a list of different servers. You need to select one of them and tap the connect button,

With this, you can enjoy playing the new version of clash of clans with unlimited gems and coins whenever and wherever you want them in the game.