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Good Guys

Mario, the hero who is out to defeat Smithy

Mallow, a cloud like character with great hidden magic

Geno, a doll who is out to repair the Star Road

Bowser, Mario's arch nemesis who joins up with Mario to get back his keep

Princess Toadstool, a princess who fights with Mario to defeat Smithy

Chancellor, the chancellor of the Mushroom Kingdom

Frogfucious, Mallow's grandpa who knows almost everything

Toadofski, the Melody Bay music composer

Yoshi, Mario's dinosaur friend who he can ride

Dyna & Mite, moles who Mario save from inside Moleville

Frog Disciple, a very wise frog who grew up in Tadpole Pond

Jonathon "Johnny" Jones, a pirate who fights Mario for the 5th star piece, but later helps Mario capture Yaridovich

Sergeant Flutter, a paratroopa who helps Mario scale the cliff at Land's End

King and Queen Nimbus, who are Mallow's parents

Mama Mole, Dyna & Mite's mom

Toad, Mario's old friend who watches after the Princess

Gaz, a Rose Town resident who used to own the Geno Doll

Monster Mama, a Monstro Town resident who gets Sergeant Flutter to help Mario scale the cliff in Land's End

Garro, a nimbus person who gets Mario into Nimbus Castle

 Gardener, a gardener who uses Fertilizer and Seed to help get Mario the Lazy Shell

Raz & Raini, a couple who gets married in Marrymore

The 3 Musty Fears, ghosts who give Mario the Ghost Medal

Goomba Family, Goombas who help Mario in his adventure


Bad Guys

Hammer Bros., who capture Toad in Mushroom Way

Croco, a purple crocodile who constantly tries to steal Mario's coins

Mack, a sword Mario fights for the 1st star piece

Belome, a crazy creature who wants to eat Mario

Bowyer, a creature who flings arrows from his body who Mario fought for the 2nd star piece

Boshi, a Yoshi who doesn't let other Yoshis race in Yo'ster Isle

Punchinello, a creature that want to get famous by defeating Mario

Booster, a person who wants to marry Princess Toadstool

Knife Guy & Grate Guy, people who want to "play" with Mario

Bundt, a evil cake made by Chef Torte

Chef Torte, a chef who created Bundt

King Calamari, a squid who sunk the Sunken Ship

Yaridovich, a bunch of guys joined together who steal the 5th star piece from Mario

Culex, Dark Knight of Vanda

Jinx, a small martial artist who is very, very strong

Mega Smilax, a piranha plant who Shy Away grows

Dodo and Valentina, the supposedly "Queen and Prince" of Nimbus Land

Czar Dragon, a dragon who lives in Barrel Volcano

Axem Rangers,  a group of fighters who protect the 6th star piece

Magikoopa, a wizard who used to work for Bowser

Boomer, a swordsman who protects the roof of Bowser's Keep

Exor, the giant sword